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Gator Axles Double Boot Kit

Gator Axles Double Boot Kit

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Product Information
Double Boot Kit: Two boots with bands and 200ml of our Gator Axles Moly 5Z Grease. You must specify Make Model Inner or Outer and DRVR or PASS. Our secret is in our Gator Axles Moly 5Z Racing Grease. Developed by our engineers this Moly 5% proprietary blend axle grease is manufactured for peak performance. It is specially formulated to withstand high temperatures (dropping point 525 F). This blend has anti-wear and additional heat protection under high stress, extreme loads, extreme driving conditions, and high RPM performance. Also contains rust and oxidation inhibitors. Our grease is chemically engineered to reduce friction and provide better quality lubrication for longer lasting higher performance for your axles. ?Kit includes race quality boots and easy to install clamps. Our boot kits help upgrade your axle to provide optimum, peak performance.
Gator Product Code0004GABOOTKT0200
ManufacturerGator Axles
Stock Level30
Shipping Weight2lb
Shipping Width7″
Shipping Height7″
Shipping Depth7″

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Pride in Our Workmanship... By Theresa

It's more than harder steel and the best proprietary grease of any manufacturer, it's our people.

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Our products and secrets are time and race tested over decades to win, we're proven as the best.

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As a subsidary of Win 4 Autism, a 501c3 charitable orgaization, our goal is to help children & adults with Autism by forwarding our proceeds towards providing educational items and grants. Not the answer you expected... Right?

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