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About Us

Gator Axles was founded back in the year 2000 and we quickly developed our industry leading reputation. Our growth and commitment to distributors has created steady growth ever since. Success is our story!


All Gator Axles are manufactured with the highest quality hardened steel, produced with higher specifications than OEM standards. Our assembly is highlighted most importantly with our secret proprietary racing grease that is simply unmatched in the industry. The result is our industry leading high performance CV Axles! DON'T Buy Cheap Aftermarket Axles that stretch and vibrate - We Sell high performance OEM SPEC'd Axles & Our quality performance axles perform better than OEM!

We've developed a Proprietary Industry Best Racing Grease, scientifically designed and known as the industries best.

Our Founder


Former Navy Seal

Glenn Wilson

(On the Right)


Our Mission

To provide CV Axle solutions which excel in excellence while providing exceptional products. Through these products sales we are able to provide those with Autism educational care packages, learning items, learning software, educational grants, and addressing other needs, simply put; we help those affected with Autism. Predominantly providing help to those deficient of the necessities to become higher functioning and excel in excellence. All while living out a positive conscientious relationship in the communities we are privileged to serve while working progressively toward the future.



Our Testimonials


"I'm an SCCA Racer and have won championships with Gator Racing Axles, will use no others.”

-Herbert Gomez


""Wow Gator Axles are the best. I've completed an entire season of edurance racing and no problems, this is unheard of!!!”"

Michael Maduske, Honda-Challenge


“I really love their racing grease, controls heat better than any other. It really is the best.”

-Shea Racing


Our Store

Gator Axles is a not for profit and solely owned by:

Win 4 Autism, a 501c3 Charitable Organization






Why Buy Gator Axles?

Pride in Our Workmanship... By Theresa

It's more than harder steel and the best proprietary grease of any manufacturer, it's our people.

Can They Compete?

The Competition... By Glenn

Our products and secrets are time and race tested over decades to win, we're proven as the best.

Why Do We Make CV Axles?

Why We Do What We Do... By Brennon

As a subsidary of Win 4 Autism, a 501c3 charitable orgaization, our goal is to help children & adults with Autism by forwarding our proceeds towards providing educational items and grants. Not the answer you expected... Right?

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